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ARTIST PROOF: Originally, a small percentage of a limited edition went to the artist, in addition to compensation. This part of the edition are called Artist Proofs. Today Artist Proofs are more in demand. As a result, the Artist Proof editions are generally not as small as they once were.


GICLEE (Pronounced GEE-CLAY): This is French for SPRAYING OF INK. This print form uses over 300 shades of ink and matches the appropriate inks to the original artwork to re-create a very similar likeness to the original.


HAND-EMBELLISHED GICLEE: Same as a Giclee, but with additional paint and brush strokes to make it even closer in appearance to the original.


OFFSET LITHOGRAPH: This is a photomechanical process where the original is photographed and then a few basic colors are used to print the image. This process is  similar to the printing method used to develop photographs from a camera.


ORIGINAL SERIGRAPH: A serigraph is a silkscreen where each color and variation of that color is matched to the original painting. Each shade has its' own silk-screen which will only allow that particular shade through to the part of the Serigraph where it belongs. Each screen must be registered on the sheet exactly. Once the first screen is registered, the appropriate shade of paint is poured onto the screen and then a squeegee is used to distribute the color evenly. This must be done on every sheet in the edition. The sheets must be kept separated, allowed to dry and then proofed for accuracy. Once complete, the process begins again with the next screen and the next shade until complete. Though there are multiple serigraphs in each edition, we use the word, ORIGINAL, because each image that is printed may have slight variations and is unique. This is a long and difficult process, but the result turns out one of the most beautiful graphic mediums of our time.


REMARQUE: This is a small original painting, by the artist, usually painted on the white border of a limited edition graphic to make that particular work unique.